Best Japan SIM Cards for Tourists

For some tourists in Japan, staying connected to the internet while exploring the country is a necessity. That’s why here at SIM Card Geek we are dedicated to providing simple communication solutions for travelers to Japan.  As travelers ourselves, we’ve long been frustrated with how difficult it is to get online in Japan…

That’s why we have partnered up with the top networks in Japan to bring you these highly recommended Japan SIM Cards which are perfect for tourists, or short-term visitors to Japan!

We’ll ship to you before you travel (free of charge, of course!) or, you can collect in Japan and we’ll make sure you can start using data as soon as you arrive.  That way, you can start using data as soon as you step off the plane and simply get on with enjoying your trip.

Please note, if you have an iPhone 14, it won’t take a physical SIM card – you need one of our Japan eSIMs.